Sunday, December 26, 2010

Future for Lincoln's Local Flavor?

We are currently focusing our energies elsewhere for the moment and many moments to come.

We are unsure (at present) if we will continue our work of Lincoln's Local Flavor, or let it be a closed chapter for our company. We will always continue our support of local businesses and products, but not necessarily in this form.

If you have questions, please contact us. Thanks for your support. We will keep you posted!

(From: GuruTeam Adam)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We'll be back SOON!

We know, it's been awhile! Too long in our way of thinking!

We had some business to take care of before we continued with our commitment to highlight those local businesses, events and talents we think need to be part of the public consciousness.

Guru News Online has changed into Lincoln's Local Flavor and will be purely dedicated to exactly that! Our address will be changing within the month to reflect the changes.

Questions? Contact the Guru Team at Groovy Guru Granola.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Temporarily Disconnected

We are sorry, but we are currently undergoing changes and are experiencing some blog issues. We will be running again soon.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Local Flavor: Lincoln Art Festival Sept. 26-27, 2009

This event is perhaps one of the coolest things about living in Lincoln, Nebraska. For many it might have been given the title of the coolest. For us it is something we look forward to this event every year.

The Lincoln Art Council has taken probably one of the yuppiest parts of town and turned it into this very laid back cool atmosphere for all kinds of art to be discovered. Perfect fall days are the scene for thousands of folk mingling with artist and art collectors. The smell of kettle corn and roasted almonds filling the air and the sound of local jazz and blue floats through the crowd.

"...Brought to you by the Lincoln Arts Council and the help of over 75 volunteers, the Lincoln Arts Festival will celebrate its 9th year on September 26th and 27th at SouthPointe Pavilions Shopping Center. The festival will be home to fabulous works of art for purchase and perusal, amazing live music acts to enliven your senses along with a fun, family-friendly atmosphere complete with children’s activities, food and raffle prizes including two round trip tickets to Chicago on Amtrak with a free two night stay at the downtown Holiday once you’re there...

...If art is what you’re after (and we hope that you are) you’ll have the opportunity to float through nearly 100 artists’ booths displaying their very best wares. About half the artists will be returning favorites while the other half are new participants with exciting, innovative pieces to share. Affordable pricing on valuable pieces allow you to get carried away while keeping your budget in tact. If you’re looking for a great piece for that blank wall, a unique “off the registry” gift for a family or friend or just something fun for your coffee table, garden or earlobes, the Lincoln Arts Festival is the place to find it."

We hope to see you there! All Gurus will be in attendance! For more info go to Lincoln's Art Scene.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Local Flavor: PJ's Baby Cakes

There’s been a consistent theme in our Local Flavor that was brought to our attention recently—women who have turned their passion into businesses that continue to bring inspiration into their lives and those around them. Amanda of PJ’s Baby Cakes is one of those such women.

PJ’s Baby Cakes is a cupcake business located in Waverly, Nebraska but is more often found in Lincoln. Amanda, owner of PJ's Baby Cakes, hosts a variety of flavors ranging from traditional vanilla to flavors matching orange-chocolate candies and root beer floats.

Like many new businesses, PJ’s Baby Cakes came out of lost—a lost of a job early this year. According to Amanda her first thoughts after loosing her 9-to-5 was “finally I can start a bakery.” Highly enthusiastic attitude quickly took a nose dive into a slump that lasted over a month until her loving husband and strongest support, Zac, encouraged her off the sofa and into the kitchen.

The name “PJ’s” comes from little Patrick John, the son of Amanda and Zac, who often tags along on cupcake deliveries and at the Haymarket Farmer’s Market. The business began as “made to order specialty cupcakes” and continues to be that today, but as mentioned if around the Lincoln (Nebraska) area on any seasonal-Saturday you’ll be able to meet and experience the “Cupcake Goddess” yourself and her delights.

Cupcakes are made fresh according to order and come in a variety of cake and icing flavors with fun decorations and even fondant for special orders.

Amanda would like to stress one thing and that is “focusing on cupcakes.” She is dedicated to providing the customer with the “perfect cupcake.”

For more information either go to or call 402-786-2249. And for a very limited time PJ’s Baby Cakes can be found every Saturday at the famous Haymarket Farmer’s Market in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Note: PJ’s Baby Cakes has full knowledge of this article and is in support of it. Public comment welcomed!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Local Flavor: "Rainbow Gathering" Sept. 2-8, 2009

... made known to us by a friend. This "Rainbow Gathering" event is a sort of local annual hippie retreat that brings like minded individuals together for the sake of peace, music, love and a good time.

Rainbow Family of Loving Living Light started in 1971 as a type of "hippie movement." But soon all kinds of people came together and the spectrum of people coming together became the Rainbow Tribe.

Rainbow Gatherings such as the annual Nebraska retreat are for a coming together of individuals who seek a community of open and like-minded souls. All gatherings are FREE!

Nebraska Rainbow Gathering will be a week long event including fellowship, camping, nature, celebration of peace and community... with no alcohol, no radios and no violence. It will be a trade-economy, dogs are welcomed along with families and children. All gatherings make it clear that all people and children share high respect with no drama or aggression.

Rainbow Gathering will be hosted during the Nebraska Regional Harvest Celebration and Festival in the woods through Labor Day weekend, September 2-8, 2009. Celebration held at George Syas Wildlife Management Area 917 Acres of Loup River in Platte County.

Directions to location... 2 1/2 miles South of Genoa, Nebraska. Turn left/East go 1 mile on 510 St. Then turn left/North onto 445 Ave. Finally go one mile and then turn left into parking lot.

Get out of your comfort zone and give this event a try. It's a very positive thing within the community, and don't doubt you might see a few Gurus there as well!

If any confusion due to this article, go to

Friday, August 28, 2009

Guru Alert!

Hey Groovin' Guys and Gals! A quick note for your groovin' pleasure...

Many of our Gurus were spotted at the local
HAIR production last night. The musical shares the same package we consider to be ours, but still contains a much deeper meaning. The message that lives on in the words of John Lennon, "give peace and chance" and by the same "all you need is love" the fab four.

mature production still sadly rings true today. We are all still learning how to live within those words. There are still a few more performances left, so go out, have a good time and support these local students. If you don't live within Lincoln (Nebraska) we still urge you to go and find anything that will lift up your spirit and make you think in the process.

Our Season of Local Flavor is going strong! Unfortunately due to technical error, our next Local Flavor will be posted at a later date... TBA

Birthday celebrations are underway! October will mark our one year in the granola buzz and we couldn't be more thrilled! It has been one incredible trip and we look forward to many more years as your favorite granola company.

Farmer's Markets are still in full swing! Get in on our 'Buy 3 bags, Get one FREE' deal. We plan to finish out the season at both the
Haymarket Farmer's Market and Havelock Farmer's Market. We want to see you there!

Keep Groovin' and we thank you for your ongoing support!